The Moonshaa journey began with using art to fight back against hardships of life that push us into our minds’ dark abyss. We believe in the power of creativity and the healing effect of art by expressing feelings no matter how strong, complicated or grim.

The swimwear that showcases the artwork are all hand-drawn by our individual artist, and each piece of art has its own unique story:

Spring Calavera

A skull in the middle of a blue smoke pattern with flowers blossoming around represents the never stopping cycle of life through better or worse and the importance of self-love. No matter what happens



Inspired by a 19th century’ sea shanty,’ it portrays a merchant ship’s journey through mortal danger and the aim to find the treasure. Representing the journey of life and the effect of outside elements on this journey and the destination.



A partially worn-out spade symbol in the middle and different colors of smoke and line patterns around represents the importance of self-preservation and will power against the unpredictability of life.


Magenta Uprising

Dot work jellyfish and their fight against the tide; represents the vitality generated from going against life itself.


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